Guess what, it’s OK to snack – honest!

With 50% of us spending more money on snacking than we do on our actual lunch, the important thing is that you nibble the healthy way. To check your making the right choices, follow our suggestions below…

A mid-morning boost…

– Latte made with skimmed milk and two almond biscotti 180 cals
– 4 large dried apricots and six walnuts 215 cals
– Half a bagel with 25g low-fat cream cheese 158 cals

Afternoon pick-me-up…

– Strawberry and banana smoothie (250ml) 135 cals
– Two slices of malt loaf with low-fat spread 243 cals
– 20g Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate 110 cals


The dash-from-work-home hunger pang…

– Four breadsticks with 30g reduced-fat hummus 163 cals
– Small portion of spinach salad with low-fat dressing and pumpkin and sesame seeds 148 cals
– 100g low-fat cottage cheese and a sliced apple 141 cals

It’s post dinner but you’re hungry again…

– Two oatcakes with 25g Brie and a small bunch of grapes 212 cals
– 25g bowl salted popcorn 115 cals
– Hot chocolate made with skimmed milk 104 cals


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*Source: Mintel