Woman hugging her legsThese beauty boosting diet foods will make your nails strong, and ensure your hair and your skin are glowing – talk about beauty and the feast!


For radiance, skin needs a constant supply of vitamins, essential fats, protein and minerals, so its vital to eat nutrient-rich foods.

Salmon: An excellent source of the protein that’s needed for the production of collagen and keratin – both vital for healthy skin cells.

Papaya: The beta-carotene present in papaya helps boost the skin’s defences against the sun and other environmental damage. This exotic fruit also has high levels of vitamin C, which maintains the strength of the skin.

Milk: Rich in calcium, which helps renewal of skin cells, it also contains a lot of water. The high protein and potassium content help prevent dehydration and wrinkles.


Nails are made up of nearly 20% water, so drinking plenty will help growth. A good diet will also improve nail health and can speed up growth from an average 1mm in two weeks to more then 2mm.

Mackerel and sardines: Because we eat the bones of these fish, they’re great sources of calcium, which is vital for nail growth.

Eggs: Rich in B vitamins, especially biotin, which forms the tough nail protein keratin. They also combat stress, which can slow nail growth and make nails brittle and weak.

Sesame seeds: These are bursting with calcium, zinc and protein – all of which help the nail plate develop. The omega-6 fatty acids also improve the flow of oxygen and nutrient absorption.


To keep your locks in good condition, you need a nutrient-packed eating plan. While yo-yo dieting can lead to hair loss, eating protein at every meal will help keep the follicles well nourished.

Fish and seafood (e.g., crab, haddock, sardines, mackerel and salmon): Crab gives the body copper, which stops hair getting brittle and helps it retain its pigmentation. Haddock supplies iodine, needed to help prevent the thyroid becoming under active and hair growing coarse.

Walnuts: Another great source of copper. Plus, they contain iron, which strengthens hair.

Pumpkin seeds: Packed with iron and zinc to nourish the scalp, plus protein, which builds the keratin coating of the hair shaft.

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