flat tummy tonightBanish the bloat in time for your night out with this stomach-slimming diet. 

The rules

Keep your diet fibre-free for a day – fibre is essential in our diet but it makes your insides work hard. So, just for today, eat fibre-free foods, with the exception of a few salad vegetables. Or, if you can manage it, try not to eat anything of plant origin – e.g., fruit, leaves, nut, wheat, oats, rice, etc. Instead stick to chicken, fish, eggs and yogurt.

Drink at least eight glasses of water – this will help to flush out excess fluids and detox your system.

Ban sweeteners – check ingredients for sorbitol and mannitol. Made from sugar alcohols, they can cause bloating.

Reduce your salt intake – this means steering clear of processed foods and don’t add any salt to your meals.

Drink naturally cleansing tea – every hour, drink a glass of either fennel tea – great for digestion – or nettle and peppermint tea.

Stand tall – good posture makes you look younger, more confident and slimmer!.


The 12-hour diet


On waking

Fennel tea



2 eggs, poached or scrambled. Tea or coffee with skimmed milk, no sugar


10am snack

30g hard cheese, such as Babybel or edam. Nettle and peppermint tea



1 slice of plain, boiled ham wrapped around a carrot stick. Glass of water



Fennel tea. 3 slices of cooked chicken breast, 2 tomatoes and a few sprigs of watercress. Small pot of plain low-fat yogurt with 1tbsp honey


3pm snack

1 hard boiled egg, sliced, with 1tbsp mayonnaise. Fennel tea



Choose one:

– 1 fillet boil-in-the-bag cod in parsley sauce. Small pot of plain low-fat yogurt with 1tbsp honey. Nettle and peppermint tea

– 1 cos lettuce leaf filled with 1tbsp egg mayonnaise small pot plain low-fat yogurt with 1 tbsp honey. Nettle and peppermint tea

– 1tbsp smoked mackerel pâté served in 1 cos lettuce leaf. Small pot plain low-fat yogurt with 1tbsp honey. Nettle and peppermint tea


8am…you’re ready!

Your tummy should feel flatter and slightly tighter.


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