Dr Yann  Rougier, an esteemed nutritional doctor and Founder of Turboslim and Forte Pharma Laboratoires, shares his easy tips to slim down: 

– Boost your metabolism. Try Turboslim Chronoactiv, £44.99 for 1 month’s supply, which works 24 hours a day. I have developed this formula  to maximise the slimming action, taking into account the two main phases in a day: first the catabolic phase (which eliminates toxins) from 6am to 4pm and then the anabolic phase (which stores fat) from 9pm to 6am. Take one tablet at breakfast and another at dinner.

– This is very important: the more you chew, the more you will lose weight. When the pieces are smaller the digestive enzymes can attack more easily, and you digest better.  And the better you digest, the less you store fats.

– My second piece of advice is begin all your meals with a protein. In the morning it can be yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, ham or any sausage, which you can follow with toast or porridge. For lunch or dinner it can be fish or meat. It’s a common misconception that if you eat only starch or vegetables you will lose weight, which is the opposite – you need proteins.

– ‘Last but not least, adopt a physical activity: this does not necessarily have to be a sport but could be any physical activity. The best is to walk smoothly with nothing in your hands, swinging your arms with a good rhythm for half an hour a day, twice if possible. This will decrease stress and the less stress you have the more pounds you will lose. It will also boost your nervous and digestive systems whilst improving your quality of sleep.


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