These get-trim-quick fixes should bring maximum results with minimum effort.

Soak away 5lb

Relax, unwind and shave off pounds with an Epsom salts bath. Full of magnesium, they draw out toxins to relieve water retention, minimise cellulite and even encourage digestion. Just add two cups to warm water and soak for at least 20 minutes. Try Power Health Epsom Salts, £6.11. Talk about getting trim the lazy way! (Consult your doctor before bathing in Epson salts if you have an existing heart problem).


Add vinegar

Just a few spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar could set you on your way towards a toned tum. This digestion-boosting acid helps to fight bacteria in the intestines and relieve water retention around the tummy. Add a teaspoon to a glass of water before each meal or simply use as a dressing over a salad.


Slip on some leggings

Tess Daily is just one of the many stars whose secret to staying slim is rumoured to be Zaggora Hotpants, from £44.99. These are made using Celu-lite technology to reduce fat and increase the body’s perspiration by up to 80 percent. After 30 minutes of exercise, trials found four times greater than normal. You will even burn calories merely lazing about in them!


Scrub yourself smoother

Bliss FatGirlScrub, £26.60contains a cocktail of cellulite-busting ingredients to buff your skin. Red algae extract and Himalayan pink salt help to boost circulation and reduce the look of lumps and bumps caused by fluid retention. It also sloughs dead cells for brighter skin and has refreshing peppermint.


Banish the bloat

Artichoke might not be the most glamorous of vegetables but it’s one of the best at boosting healthy digestion and soothing a bloated tummy. Artichokes are rich in cynarin, a substance that releases bile to aid digestion. Maintain a slim stomach by taking one to two tablets of Thisilyn Artichoke, £7.99, every day with food.


Eat charcoal

Taking a charcoal supplement after each meal helps to improve digestive health to banish bloating. Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding says ‘I crumble up charcoal and put it on my food. It doesn’t taste of anything and apparently absorbs all the bad stuff in your body.’ Try Holland & Barratt Activated Charcoal Capsules 260mg, £3.85 for 100 capsules.


Drink cold water

We all know the virtues of knocking back water throughout the day, including to help starve off hunger pangs. But here’s another excuse to love H2O. When you add a few ice cubes to your glass, or put your bottle in the freezer, your body actually uses up energy trying to warm up the water to your body temperature.


Cut the salt

Salt causes bloating. Cut down on your intake by checking the labels on food and do not add extra salt to meals at the table. You can also help offset the water-restraining effects of salt by eating potassium-rich foods, which help to ease bloating – try spinach, citrus fruit, tomatoes and potatoes.


Wrap up

Meet the Rolls Royce of figure fixing treatments. The Universal Contour Wrap, £75, works by covering the body in bandages soaked in a mineral-packed clay solution to draw out toxins. You can expect to lose six inches and it keeps on working three to four days after. The less pricey option is Santuary Spa Professional Trim & Tone Body Wrap, £26.04, Boots. Apply the special clay to problem areas then wrap with the bandages provided. After an hour, rinse off and measure your inch loss. Trials saw women lose an average of 2in after one treatment.


Slim with salmon

The benefits of salmon and it’s omega-3 fatty acids are well known, but its time to add another string to its bow. A daily portion could make your face appear more contoured. How? Salmon is full of nutrients that boost muscle tone and give skin a healthy glow.


Another great way to lose weight is by calorie counting.  It’s so simple and effective!  For hundreds of food-swap ideas, try out our food swap and calorie counting tool at Woman’s Own Diets. Visit today for your free 7 day trial.