Doctor Q&A: Pain when I got to the toilet

‘I have had a really sharp pain near my bottom when I go to the toilet and sometimes a tiny bit of blood on the tissue. What can it be? I am too embarrassed to see my doctor?’

This sounds like an anal fissure, which is a small tear in the layer of tissue near the bottom.

Most are caused by constipation and only last about 6 weeks in total. You can help heal the tear by increasing dietary fibre and softening the stool using a gentlelaxative and drink lots of water. Occasionally your GP will prescribe an ointment which helps to reduce the pain and help heal the tear.

If the blood is dark or mixed in with the stool or if the pain lasts more than a few weeks or you cant emptying your bowels propeerly, see your GP as there may be a more serious underlying problem. Please feel comfortable talking about this with your doctor as they have seen these many times before.

Dr Radha Modgil

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