Body still telling you you’ve over done the goodies at  Christmas? Make a few simple tweaks to your diet now and shed those extra festive pounds

Swap orange juice for a whole orange

Swap apple juice for a whole apple

Swap fruit at the bottom of yogurt for plain yogurt with frozen berries

Swap banana-flavoured oatmeal for plain oatmeal with half a banana

Swap white bread for wholewheat bread

Swap cream cheese for fat-free cream cheese

Swap cornflakes or puffed rice for wholewheat cereal

Swap a small cheeseburger for 100g sirloin steak

Swap 100g boiled white rice for 50g brown rice and 50g steamed vegetables

Swap sour cream for Tabasco

Swap peanut butter for almond butter

Swap salted crisps with sour cream dip for carrots or celery with houmous or salsa

Swap fruit pastry for granola bar

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