This is a truly touching real life tale about the kindness that can be shown by a complete stranger…

This is Cara Duggan, a mum from Belfast in Northern Ireland whose mum sadly has stage 4 oesophageal cancer.

Cara-DugganAs a caring daughter who is doing anything she can to help her mum, Cara was looking on the site Gumtree for a second hand Nutribullet. Brand new ones are very expensive, but Cara needed one so that they could make her mum smoothies and juices with high nutritional value to have during her treatment.

Cara-Duggan-mumCara explained to Buzzfeed, “A while after her last chemo session Mum’s legs started swelling which turned out to be blood clots, but as they were undiagnosed they had travelled to her lungs. Apparently, this is a really common side effect of chemo. These blood clots have left her with no energy and she’s been really struggling with nausea, so we decided to get her a juicer. We were already fundraising to cover costs of therapies and supplements for the cancer, so we couldn’t really afford a new one, hence why we reached out about the second-hand one.”

What happened when Cara contacted a man on Gumtree about buying his used Nutribullet though, is really remarkable…

firstAfter texting the man and enquiring about the juicer, the kind Gumtree user sent his condolences to Cara along with a request for her address as he offered to pay for the juicer to be sent from London to Ireland.

But then it gets better! The compassionate man then sent Cara a text confirming that he has bought them a brand NEW Nutribullet from Argos that she could pick up right away…

secondCara confessed to Buzzfeed, “The cynic in me didn’t really believe the Nutribullet would be there until the woman actually handed it across the counter.”

But then she posted this picture to her facebook page – proving there is still so much goodness in the world:


If you want any more information about Cara Duggan and her mum’s progress, or to contribute to their gofundme page, then click here.