cookie diet

Whether it’s chocolate chip, oatmeal and raisin or triple chocolate, here at WO we’re big cookie fans! 

They’re our favourite indulgent treat, but shouldn’t be eaten too often unless you want to pile on the pounds. At least that’s what we’re used to thinking.

The latest diet craze, devised by US doctor Dr Seigal, allows you to snack on cookies all day AND eat an evening meal. So what’s the catch?

Well, none apparently, apart from you might get a bit sick of cookies.

The cookies come in three flavours – cinnamon oatmeal, chocolate brownie and maple pancakes – and should be eaten as a substitute for breakfast and lunch. Dieters can then eat a healthy, balanced evening meal of their choice.

It might seem like a rather bizarre way to lose weight, but the diet has been backed by health heavyweight Dr Sarah Brewer. She said: ‘Sadly obesity is on the rise and it is important to think about what we are eating to develop a long-term healthy eating regime and to exercise more.

‘The nice thing about the cookie diet is that once you have lost the amount of weight you want to, you can continue to use the cookies as a healthy snack in-between reintroducing your breakfast and lunch.’

If you are going to try the diet, we’d recommend throwing a bit of extra fruit and veg in there too. We don’t think chocolate chips count as part of your five a day!

Will you be trying the cookie diet?

By Lauren Hughes 

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