According to recent statistics  nearly half of us will break a bone before we’re 50 years old due to osteoporosis. But fear not, improving your body’s support system is easier than you think!

What to eat for better bones:

CALCIUM – Adults need at least 700mg a day which could be 200ml glass of milk, a small decaffeinated latte, a yoghurt or a matchbox-sized piece of cheese, plus a handful of almonds, an orange, and a serving of broccolli or greens.

VITAMIN D – Calcium needs vitamin D to be present before it can work it’s magic, so make sure you are also getting out into the sunshine, or if there isn’t any (this is the UK after all) then you can find it in oily fish and egg yolks. Though try to go for free range eggs and wild salmon as they have extra exposure to sunlight.

EAT MEDITERRANEAN – A recent Spanish study found that eating a diet high in olive oil rasied blood levels of osteocalcin, a marker of strong bones.


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