1. When you read the title of this post you said to yourself, ‘no I’m not. I can stop anytime I want!’

2. You know which levels are the hard ones because all your Facebook friends are complaining about them (30, 35, 65, 97, and 98)

3. You have googled ‘Candy Crush strategy’ more than once

4. Just thinking about the ‘happy world of Haribo’ makes you angry

5. You regard those 45 levels ahead with a mixture of awe (I’m not worthy!), envy (I wish I had that kind of time!), and disdain (they definitely spent money)

6. You have to purposefully lose all your lives just to get some sleep



7. (6 continued)…Though this is pointless as you also play simultaneously on your tablet, iPhone and laptop so you never have to run out of lives

8. You dream about it… and even in your dreams you can’t pass level 132

9. You start imagining a harrowing life for the little crying girl if you don’t pass the levels



10. You’re so preoccupied with thoughts of jellys you don’t even care that we don’t have a valid no 10

11. You find yourself muttering, ‘I will, just let me finish this level’ to anything your partner asks

12. A delayed train once made you cry with frustration, now it’s a Candy Crush bonus – you can use the uninterrupted time to focus on level 33

13. You finish this list and immediately start playing Candy Crush with renewed vigour, hate, frustration, passion, hate


What IS Candy Crush?

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