Eyebrows are big news right now so ladies step away from the tweezers and read on. 

Brow-boosting products are becoming increasingly popular in the search for a bolder set.

In fact, the latest London Fashion Week has sparked such a trend for big, bushy and dark brows that hair growth serum Rapid Brow, £37, Boots, has seen a 28 per cent increase in sales in the last six weeks.

Kate Middleton and celebrities like Keira Knightley and model of the moment Cara Delevigne are all fans of the power brow. But don’t worry – if you’ve overplucked your brows into a permanent state of shock, here’s how to get the look…

– Avoid tweezers for a while to allow your eyebrows to regain their natural shape. A fashionable way to save time and money!

– If your eyebrows are naturally light, use an eyebrow pencil a couple of shades darker than your natural colour to create the illusion of fuller, darker brows. We love Benefit Instant Brow Pencil, £14, Boots.

– For a longer-lasting result, try an eyebrow dye kit like Eylure Dylash, £7.50, Boots. It colours lashes and brows up 45 days.

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