The Duchess of Cambridge was rumoured to be a DIY bride

By Stephanie Maylor 

‘You’re what? Oh no, you can’t do that!’ gasped my hairdresser after hearing that I would be doing my bridal hair and make-up…myself. And somewhat surprisingly, this response has not been uncommon – even some of my friends have been aghast to hear that I don’t have a make-up artist on speed dial for the Big Day.

The thing is (and it’s a little bit of a secret) I’m a tad controlling when it comes to my own hair and make-up styling. I know what I like. I know what I don’t. This is the girl who at 13 let her pierced ears close up after discovering they were slightly (and I mean SLIGHTLY) wonky.

Anyway, said hairdresser cut too much off my hair (what is it with scissor-happy stylists before a big event?) and I went into panic mode. I immediately ran out to buy Lee Stafford’s entire Hair Growth range to claw back some length (it really works by the way).

So the thought of sitting there, come the morning of my wedding, with poodle curls or doll-like blusher fills me with a palpable dread.

I’m also very lucky to have spent a lot of time with some of the world’s best make-up artists who have imparted some of their insider secrets, which I will be stealing on the day. Yes, I will be putting highlighter on my Cupid’s bow to make my pout look bigger and apply eyeshadow to the crease of my lid while my eye is open to create a perfectly blended smokey effect.

I also recently followed in the footsteps of Kate Middleton – who apparently picked up some tips from a Bobbi Brown  make-up artist before her wedding to Prince William – by booking an appointment for a tutorial. Nobody does bridal beauty like Bobbi and the counter experience is something I would recommend to every bride-to-be.

So the next time somebody shrieks in horror at my DIY plan, I will simply turn on my silver court shoes (I’m wearing in my bridal footwear as we speak) and get back to practicing. SM

Look out for next week’s instalment from our bride-to-be!

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