Helen Mirren with pink hairWhen we posted up a photo of Helen Mirren, 67, on Facebook on Sunday night, you gave a resounding thumbs up to the pastel pink shade.

Reader Ellie Lane said, ‘ I love her new hair colour, think I might do the same.’

Vicky Jenkinson Tyson gave her verdict, ‘ Think she looks pretty. Lovely colour. Softens her face does make her look younger. Go Helen!

Helen’s colourist for the evening Jessie Knight, Senior Colourist at John Frieda reveals what inspired the daring colour change.

‘It was totally Helen’s idea,’ she says. ‘My brief was “do something fun” so out came the crazy colour which is a really easy way to have temporary but instant fun with your colour. We went for a soft pastel pink which worked really well with Helen’s naturally soft skin tone.’

It was the hairstyle of the night with Judi Dench, 78, looking fabulous with her do given a spikey treatment, and Anne Hathaway, 30, showing that it’s a style that can work whatever your age.

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