Say hello to your smoothest and glossiest holiday hair yet!

Celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford

Treat hair like skin

‘When you’re in a hot climate, think of your hair the way you would your skin’, says Lee Stafford.

‘Apply Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, £7.99, like suntan lotion and top it up throughout the day to keep hair hydrated.’ This deep conditioner nourishes hair at the root for longer, stronger hair.

‘Once you’ve applied the treatment, wind hair into a bun or topknot then shake lose when you go from beach to bar for soft waves. You’ll look great and come home with hair in better condition that ever.’





Celebrity hairdress Lisa ShepherdShield your colour

‘Coloured hair dramatically fades on holiday due to the loss of moisture and the sun’s lightening effect,’ says Lisa Shepherd.

Clynol Glow Precious Oil, £17.95, is a brilliant takeaway product. Apply a little before swimming in a pool to create a protective barrier between your hair and any discolouring copper particles from other swimmers’ jewellery.’







Celebrity Hairdresser Richard WardSnip before your trip

‘Always have a trim before you go away to minimise any damage and keep split ends at bay,’ says Richard Ward.

‘Your cut should have a very defined, strong shape, and not be too choppy or layer-heavy. Fringes are a flattering option in summer, especially if you have a few lines you’d like to disguise.’







Celebrity hairdresser Michael DouglasPrep like a pro

‘You should do two treatments a week for three weeks before you go on holiday,’ says Michael Douglas.

‘This will really help strengthen your hair before it gets a battering from the sun. Try Wella SP Colour Save Masks, £20.89, which are tailored to your hair type.’

For a cheaper option, try Boots Ingredients Coconut & Almond Intensive Hair Mask, £1.99.






Celebrity hairdresser Leo BancroftWash it less

‘It’s never a good idea to wash your hair daily as it dries it out and strips its natural oils,’ says Leo Bancroft.

‘This happens more in the summer as the hair is naturally dry with the heat and sun. Once every second day is more than enough, and use a good quality brush like Leo Bancroft’s Classic Brush, £5, Tesco, to evenly distribute the hair’s natural oils throughout the lengths and ends to condition all over.’






Celebrity hairdresser Akin KoniziTweak your colour

‘It’s fine to dye your hair in time for your holiday but visit your colourist as soon as you’re back to refresh any colour fade,’ says Akin Konizi.

‘As we age our skin tone begins to alter, so a colour that was perfect a few years ago may no be right for you now. Choose a shade that enhances your natural skin tone and delivers a healthy, youthful look.’

‘For lighter hair, sensual blonde shades are a key trend this season, from champagne through to pale bronze, while darker palettes should opt for a rich plum hue to deliver beautiful shine and create a silky, smooth finish.’