Here are our tried and tested best shampoos, all under £5

Long and luscious locks top most of our beauty wish lists, so it’s no wonder many of us are prone to splashing out on expensive hair care. 

But for those who believe the secret to better hair lies in a bottle of super-shampoo, we’ve got news for you – budget buys are just as good!

Well, at least according to leading trichologist (that’s a hair and scalp expert to you and me!) Ian Sallis. He says, ‘Really high end shampoos, where you have everything from essence of truffles to shaved unicorn horn added in, do little to the performance of the shampoo itself.

‘You think ‘it must be better quality because I have paid a lot for it’, but in reality this is not the case.’

Glad to hear it! Now we can stock up, guilt free. 

By Lauren Hughes