Anew £30 wrinkle buster

Anew Pro Line Corrector Treatment, £30, Avon

It’s the most exciting anti-ageing product we’ve seen in yonks, and 60,000 people have apparently signed up to the waiting list. 

Say hello to Avon’s latest youth-boosting breakthrough, Pro Line Corrector Treatment, £30. The skin whizzes at Avon have discovered an anti-ageing molecule known as A-F33 that actually unleashes untapped collagen to boost elasticity and plump  lines. So effective is the cream that women are apparently deciding against cosmetic surgery in favour of its wrinkle-busting results. Sound too good to be true?

Trials of the new dream cream found that overnight skin appears more youthful and in two weeks 100% of women showed an improvement in fine lines.

Avon Pro Line Corrector Treatment launches on Friday at Race you to the checkout!