Wow! Nicole Kidman, 45, shows that you can wear a pumped-up quiff at any age. Here celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford explains how to get the look


Step 1. Create a section 4 inches wide from the front of the hairline to just below the crown and securely fasten out of the way with a sectioning clip.

Step 2. Pull all of the hair from the temples backwards to meet in the middle making sure to smooth it back as tight as possible with Lee Stafford Messed Up Spray Wax, £5.49, to give it a wet look.

Step 3. Securely fasten with grips, then undo the hair originally sectioned away at the top and backcomb to create body and lift.

Step 4. Smooth out the surface of the hair and gently pull the hair to meet at the back, ensuring that it is placed only down the centre of the head and ensuring all grips are covered. Now secure into a low ponytail.

Step 5. The key is to use enough gel to create a slick wet look at the sides so that there is a distinct difference in texture between the sides and the top. Use Lee Stafford ArganOil from Morocco Miracle Shine Spray, £9.99, to finish off this glam look.