With The X Factor final kicking off tonight, we’re focusing on who will win the final fashion showdown, just as much as who will win the singing competition. 

Nicole’s been showing off her fabulous figure in everything from thigh-skimming minis to cut-out maxis. But what’s her shape-up secret?

Coupled with plenty of exercise, the singer is said to be a fan of the Power Plate – a vibrating platform that works your muscles harder. You’ll see results in as little as 2-3 sessions.

Nicole’s personal trainer, Adam Ernster, revealed the secret behind her lean physique in American magazine Us Weekly.

‘She’s a huge fan because she always feels the muscles she’s working out. It packs the most intensity in the least amount of time, which is what she and I need while she’s on the go.

The cool thing about the Power Plate is that you can vary the intensity and make even doing a static move [like squats) feel brutal. For Nicole, it’s not enough for her to work hard; she wants to feel the pain, too!’

To try a 20 minute Power Plate class for yourself, simply visit http://www.powerplate.com/uk/locations or go to your nearest Virgin Active