Beauty just got personal!


Ok, hands up if this is you: You often feel unsure what products are worth buying? You hate the hard-sell from store staff? You need products for your skin type and your skin concerns but don’t know what they are?

If you can relate to any of these things, read on to discover the latest new website that we are hooked on when it comes to buying the right beauty products for our skin.

Here at Woman’s Own we have all been logging onto Powder, the latest beauty website that has just launched, and boy are we impressed! This site is a clever edit of the most amazing and effective products on the market – tired and tested by beauty experts! If you’re after an new face cream for your skin type that takes into account your age AND skin concerns – they’ve got it! Or perhaps you want a new concealer than disguises both dark circles (too many late night?!) and hide redness – it’s there too! Clever!

All you have to do is sign-up (it’s totally free by the way), fill in a form about yourself and your skin concerns, and every single product you search for will be tailored for YOU! Plus you can store your favourites in your ‘Beauty Drawer’ and through your feed you’ll be able follow the latest launches and read some fab expert  advice. It’s so easy to do and the perfect way to be sure what you are buying is what your skin needs.

Get logging on ladies!

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