In their last few campaigns, No7 has banned the use of airbrushing so that the looks you see are 100 per cent the real thing. Good, yes, but well-known? Not so much.

That’s why they’re keen to make some noise about their new advertisement campaign (you might’ve seen the advert on TV), which features a selection of ‘real women’, just like you and me – and don’t they look gorgeous?

The No7 ladies, aged between 25 and 55, were ‘street cast’ and given a bright and beautiful new look to invoke that – in the words of the brand – ‘Ta Dah!’ moment.

We’re all guilty of getting stuck in a make-up rut from time to time (I’ve personally worn down my trusty black kohl) but No7 wants to encourage us all to experiment with make-up, to try something new and step out of our cosmetic comfort zone.

So start the week by altering one part of your make-up kit – I’ll be trying a bold lip, instead of my trusty smokey eye look, this week – and see how it makes you feel!

To view the new campaign, go to or

By Stephanie Maylor


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