1.Your fashion and lingerie ranges have been extremely popular for Littlewoods.

Thank you! My aim was to create wearable clothes that look fab and make you feel great, and thankfully it seems to be working!!

2.What are your hopes for your makeup range?

That women love it as much as they love the clothing and swimwear range. That the colours are stand out, yet flattering, and the packaging through to the product itself becomes a must have for your handbag.

3.It’s clear that you’re extremely passionate about your fashion line, what has inspired the move into beauty?

It seemed like the most natural progression as I am always asked about what make up I wear. I’ve also been extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with world class make up artists so have learnt some great application tricks. I’ve hand picked the best, most effective products and put them into a capsule collection that contains everything you could wish for in a make up range.

4.What is your favourite product in the range?

I love the lippys. They are bright, bold and eyecatching plus the packaging looks fantastic on your dresser or in your bathroom so would be a shame not to display it.

5.How would you describe your own make-up style?

Fresh and natural for day wear, uber glam and 50s for night time.

6.Do you prefer to keep it natural or get glammed up?

A bit of both. The beauty of make up is you can use it to enhance what nature gave you as well as feel good and extra confident wearing it.

7.Do you tend to follow a strict beauty regime or do you just do a little bit here and there?

My fail safe is no matter how tired I am, I remove my make up every night without fail and I also exfoliate like a demon. My salt scrub has the perfect texture to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin looking smooth and soft.