Move over nail art and make room for the textured nail, from feathers and concrete to reptile and now leather.

I’ve been cooing over Nails Inc Bling It On Black Leather & Skulls, £19, for a while now. It comes with a Leather Effect polish and four silver skull and crossbone nail adornments.

Simply apply your regular base coat, then add two layers of the leather polish, waiting two minutes in between each coat. If you fancy an extra dramatic touch, apply a small bit of adhesive (included in the kit) to the nail and back of the skull. Using tweezers apply to the nail and hold down for a few seconds. They look fantastic but be prepared to catch on your clothes and in your hair. Hey, no pain no gain ladies!

Overall the effect is impressive – I noticed just how good the finish was when walking with my handbag. My nails and bag could have been one.

Is there a nail ‘texture’ or finish that you’d like to see created?


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