Kimberley Walsh, 31, has just been named as the face of Ready to Glow, a campaign that wants to reassure women that they don’t need cosmetic treatments, a celebrity make-up artist or personal airbrusher to look gorgeous. Instead, it’s about doing those basic steps, like moisturising, to give you a natural radiance. 

Speaking about her new role, the actress and singer says, ‘I am proud to be a part of Ready to Glow, like many women I’ve had my own body hang-ups in the past but I’m passionate about helping or supporting other women to feel confident in their own skin and celebrating natural beauty.’

Here she shares her the secrets behind her natural beauty…

‘Having fresh, clear-looking skin requires a daily cleansing routine. I wash my face every morning and always remove any make-up before I go to bed.’

‘Whether I’m make-up free or prepping for a shoot, I need the confidence that my skin will be blemish free. Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask, £4.99, is great for everyday use – it smells nice, feels great on my skin and is really pleasant to use.’

‘My eyes can start looking dull and tired when I’ve been travelling or on tour and need brightening. Make-up isn’t enough to make them look and feel great, using a moisturising eye spray such as Optrex Actimist 2in1 forTired and Uncomfortable Eyes, £15.99, ensures my eyes are fresh and revived throughout the day.’

‘I love E45 Nourish and Restore Body Lotion, £3.99. It absorbs quickly into skin and doesn’t feel greasy meaning you don’t have to wait ages before you get dressed.’

‘Regardless of what clothes or make-up I’m wearing I don’t feel right if underneath it all I’ve got dry skin and hairy legs. I still feel unkempt – I want to be groomed. I always feel confident when my skin is smooth and hair free after a wax. I don’t always get time to visit a salon so it’s great to be able to wax at home with Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit, £29.99. It’s easy to use and provides professional results from the privacy of your own bathroom.’


Check out this behind the scenes video of Kimberley at the Ready to Glow shoot…