You might not be a Belieber, but chances are you’re not more than a few feet away from one, be it your daughter, friend or workmate. 

The 19-year old has over 40 million followers on Twitter and 54 million on Facebook, so it’s no wonder then that his perfumes are best-sellers. FYI, J-Bieb is the first and the only person to have the number one celebrity fragrance brand at retail two years in a row. Yes, really.

The Canadian star has just revealed the name of his much-anticipated third scent, ‘The Key’. We had a sneak peek at the fragrance last week as we must say, we were impressed. The bottle (below left) is much more sophisticated, with its sleek, gently-curved shape in crisp white and luxe gold.

As for the scent itself, well it’s simply lovely.

Justin’s previous fragrances (‘Someday’ and ‘Girlfriend’) were aimed at a younger audience, but while ‘The Key’ will undoubtedly appeal to his die-hard fans, it’s also surprisingly wearable for older, non-Beliebers. It’s a fruity-floral musk that opens with fresh mandarin and pear. At its heart is pink jasmine, water lily and peach nectar, but it’s the dry-down that has got us hooked – think vanilla, musks and woods. Mmm.

Justin Bieber ‘The Key’, from £24, launches in department stores from 21 August. Watch this space!


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