Has Jessie J unlocked the key to beauty confidence? According to a recent poll, the answer is yes… 

Loving her blue eyeliner

QVC polled 1,000 British women and the majority wanted to exude an easy look of confidence (65%) more so than any other trait; including appearing, sexy (26%), intelligent (12%) or youthful (3%). The poll also revealed The Voice judge, Jessie J as the beauty icon who carries off the confident look effortlessly.

Ms. J’s strong make-up with bright lips, colourful eyes and rosy blush is coveted by us Brits. Though, a whopping 77% of British women admitted they would never try it themselves – tut tut ladies – opting instead for a more natural look, a’la Kate Middleton, which 46% of us try to replicate (one day we’ll do it!)

au naturel

QVC spokesperson and psychologist Dr. Bijal Chheda-Varma, explains: “Make-up choice can greatly influence how a woman wants to be perceived by others around her as well as how she feels about her self-confidence. Make-up has been used for centuries to enhance aspects of their persona and improve self-esteem in an instant, yet the study shows how many women don’t have the courage or knowledge of how to create a confident look.”

Dr Chheda Varma worked with QVC make-up artists to create a confident look, below


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