We can’t get enough of January Jones and her retro style – especially with the return of Mad Men next week. We spoke to celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford about how to achieve her volumised style. 

1. Use a volumising shampoo to wash hair and boost body and texture at the root.

2. Apply My Big Fat Root Boost Mousse, £6.99, Boots, for added, padded volume. Apply directly to the root area and then blow-dry using a medium to high speed and heat setting. The hotter the setting, the more lift you will attain from your hair. You can also bend over at the waist and direct air flow from the underside of your hair up toward the ends.

3. Using My Big Fat Tong, £34.99, Argos, curl the whole head from the bottom and work your way upwards. Brush out the curls to leave you with voluminous hair and a slight outwards flick at the ends.

4. For a fuller look, bend over at the waist and lightly brush your hair upside down. To complete this retro look, add a headband to smooth down the front section.

5. Finish with a spritz of hairspray to hold.


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