They thrash us at football, their light buttery croissants will always beat our soggy old crumpets, and now to add insult to serious cross-Channel injury the French have been found to look a whopping seven years younger than British women, according to a new survey by online beauty retailer Escentual.com.

Audrey Tautou, 36 vs Anna Friel, 36

These brunette beauties share youthful girl-next door looks


80 per cent of British women acknowledged that those fair French faces were the most youthful-looking in Europe, which they believe is down to their rigorous skincare regimes. And they might be right – French women begin using anti-ageing creams at least five years before their  British counterparts, with a third starting a regime at the age of 15.


Marion Cotillard, 37 vs Kate Winslet, 37

We can’t separate this pair – look at that flawless skin


So we decided to do our own very thorough research by staring at pictures of same-aged celebrities (it’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it!) and we have found the results to be, well, inconclusive. From Marion and Kate to the astonishing Catherine and Arlene, we think these women all look bloomin’ great for their age!


Catherine Deneuve, 69 vs Arlene Phillips, 69

There’s no way these two are almost 70



Our top 3 French skincare brands

Dr Renaud – one of the best-selling lines in France, the range combines natural ingredients backed by science to target specific skin concerns.

Try: Iris Lift Fluid, £44.95, M&S

NeoStem – this clever serum sold out in France when it launched in 2011. It helps slow down the ageing process and plumps skin

Try: Neostem Serum, £59, M&S

Avene – gentle enough for sensitive skin but tough on complexion niggles like redness and fine lines

Try: Avene Ystheal+ Cream, £16.47, Escentual