It’s long been said that blondes have more fun but new research from Superdrug is about to flip that on its (brunette) head. 

To tie in with the relaunch of Superdrug’s Colour Performance Hair Colourant, £3.79, a survey of 1000 men revealed that they would be more likely to pick a brown-haired wife, like Kate Middleton, than a blonde.

The research also found that men think that brunettes seem more sensible, reliable and – rather oddly – make better cooks. Nigella, you’ve got a lot to answer for!

Sarah Sharp, Senior Buyer of Haircare at Superdrug said, ‘This research turns our hair stereotypes on their heads but I don’t think we need to worry about British blondes just yet.’

She’s right – the study revealed that men still see blondes as more outgoing and bubbly.

We better tell Kate to avoid highlights!

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