Amanda Holden reveals her top tips for looking gorgeous.

– I always use Pantene shampoo, particularly Ice Shine, as it really does make my hair shine. I also use Louise Galvin’s Sacred Locks Treatment Masque, £16, now and then for extra condition.

– I love the smell of Palmer’s Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, £3.85

– I love Avon. Avon’s Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum, £5.50, leaves my hair feeling and looking so shiny and Avon’s Anew Clinical Crow’s Feet Corrector leaves my skin feeling soft. It’s my secret weapon against wrinkles.

– Drinking Rooibos tea, £2.25, is fabulous for your skin, and you should exercise and always moisturise too.

– I made the mistake of confessing on TV that I had had Botox once. But now I look for the latest non-invasive treatments like Thermage or Fraxel. They’re skin-cleansing procedures that keep your collagen alive and awake with no knives or needles.

–  I absolutely love The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter, £12.50, and took it with me on a recent trip to Dubai, it really stopped my skin from drying out.