If you’re heading away soon or even just planning to show off more skin at home, these quick tips will help you to trim up in a hurry!


1. Soak away pounds

Relax, unwind and shave off pounds with an Epsom Salt bath. Full of magnesium, they draw out toxins to relieve water retention, minimise cellulite and even encourage digestion. Just add two cups to warm water and soak for at least 20 minutes. Try Power Health Epsom Salts, £5.09.

2. Wrap it up

Book in for the best slimming treatment around. The Universal Contour Wrap, from £75, promises to shrink your body by up to 6 inches in just one treatment and works by drawing out toxins to leave skin taught and toned. The perfect pre-beach solution!

3. Slimming tan

An all-over glow will help make your silhouette look slimmer. Do the double dip tan (tan all over and then add another layer to the hips, outer thighs and down the fronts of the calves) to create the illusion of a trimmer figure. L’oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Airbrush Effect Dry Tanning Mist, £14.49, makes this easy!

4. Blast cellulite

Ditch the dimples with a massager-come-wonder cream. Cue The Body Shop Spa Fit Firming & Toning Gel Cream Massager, £19, which has a built-in tool to turbo charge firming results. Used in small circular motions across the thighs, this massage technique – along with the caffeine-based gel-cream – helps to drain the toxins that cause cellulite.

5. Fat-zapping

Banish a mummy tummy with Get Waisted Body Shaper, £35. This bulge-buster has a two-pronged approach: a brown algae extract breaks down fat stores, while instant tighteners pull in your skin.

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