Oh my goodness is this the sweetest love story ever?!


Romantic stories don’t get much better than this! Girl meets boy at just five years old and they end up getting married 17 sweet years later!

Here’s how the story goes…

At just five years old, Brooke Gibson knew Adrian Franklin was the one – in fact, when they met in the playground, it was love at first sight for the adorable schoolgirl! So when she found out she’d be the flower girl to his ring bearer at a family wedding she was thrilled – Adrian on the other hand, was less than impressed. Typical guy!

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‘I was devastated,’ Adrian said. ‘She had a crush on me but she got on my nerves. I was always trying to get away from her.’

But never one to give up, Brooke was determined to get her man. And after getting a taste of what it might be like to one day marry Adrian, she was determined to make him see sense.

So she continued her quest, and when the pair were teenagers, Brooke’s luck finally started to change. ‘He really started to come around in middle school,’ she admits.


The pair finally became a couple and last year, on a romantic boat cruise Adrian proposed. Having known he was the one at five years old, Brooke immediately said yes.

And in September this year, the pair got married in the very same church where they’d had their first trip down the aisle. They were joined by 300 guests – including the bride whose day they’d first shared together.

‘She brought the pictures to us at church one Sunday a month or so before the wedding,’ Brooke said. ‘We’d forgotten about that day but when she showed us the pictures, the memories all came flooding back.’

What’s your most romantic story?