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There are two people I regularly turn to in the midst of a crisis. One: my husband to be. He has a singular talent for imbuing a sense of calm in me, for easing my worries and making me take a deep breath. Two: my mum.

As is the case for most brides to be, my mum has been at my side during this whole process – at dress fittings, at the florist, on the other end of the phone when I haven’t been able to decide between a fig or sandalwood-scented candle (these things are important guys!). It’s been during the most stressful times that she has come out with true pearls of wisdom that I will rate amongst her other great one-liners, such as ‘fill up on our buffet food before you go out tonight’ and ‘that Vanish stick will get anything out!’

So with this in mind I wanted to share my favourite of my mum’s wedding-themed tips because as the old adage goes, mother knows best…

1. Put your shoes on

‘Wear your wedding shoes around the house to get used to the heel. I’ve been wearing mine but the left one is killing me. I think I’ll take a spare pair!’

2. Look at the groom

‘Don’t pay attention to anyone else as you walk down the aisle. Think about the reason you’re there on the day – to be together forever – and just look straight down at him the whole way.’

3. Be comfortable

‘You don’t want to be faffing around with your dress all day. If you’ve got straps that keep falling down or you’re tripping over your skirt you’ll just feel and look uncomfortable.’

4. Let’s eat

‘You can’t not have an evening buffet, even if you are having a sit down dinner and a sweets table. People will need something more to soak up the wine.’

5. Work the camera

‘Try to mix up your smiles for the camera. I think I had the same grin in all my wedding photos. It looks a bit forced. LOL’

6. When things go wrong

‘Plan for the worst but hope for the best. Something is guaranteed to go awry on the day. God, imagine if the car got a flat tyre…I’m sure it won’t but just think how many films we’ve seen where the bride legs it to the church…’

…Good job I’ve been wearing in my shoes then mum.


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