By Jessica Beech

isme beauty queens

 Are women over 50 really that confident when it comes to getting into swimwear?

Fashion brand have reunited three former beauty queens to show how fabulous over 50s can look in swimwear!

Previous winners Gay Spink, 60, from Halifax (Miss Great Britain), Pat Morgan, 53 from Newcastle (Miss Great Britain) and Delia Draper, 51, from Lincolnshire (Miss UK) each won their titles over 30 years ago.  You would never guess their ages now!

isme beauty queens

Research by had revealed that a huge 87% of women admit they feel self-conscious when they are in their swimwear. Surprisingly, it was women aged 60-69 who said they were the happiest with their figures. A whopping 1 in 3 women over 50 are happier with their body now than when they were in their 20s and aren’t ready to hang up their bathing suits any time soon.

This study was carried out to support’s new range of swimwear, which has been specially designed to flatter and fit the over 50’s shape. Styles include bottom lift and tummy sculpting technology, with high waisted designs to enhance women’s figures.

Retail Director at, Jon Owen, said: “Isme focuses on offering fashionable, quality clothing to the discerning 50+ female and we have chosen these beauty queens to model our new swim collection, as their inspirational body confidence embodies the spirit of the isme woman.”

isme beauty queens

We chatted to the shapeologists at to get their expert advice in choosing mature-style swimwear. Here are their top tips for finding the perfect swimwear:

1. Two pieces are definitely still an option for women over 50! Opt for bottoms that have a higher waistbands or are skirted, as they are more flattering than smaller briefs. Buying bikini tops by cup size also ensures a better fit.

 2. If you are blessed with a big bust, make sure your swimwear is supportive! Underwired cups and halter-tops are the best way to keep everything in place.

 3. If you’re worried about getting your tummy out on the beach why not try a patterned print on your swimming costume, which will take the focus away from your stomach?

 4. Make sure you always pick the right size, even if it is a bit bigger than the size you usually go for. Remember, no one will see the label!


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