Pamper away the years with our complete guide to an anti-ageing facial at home:



Step 1: The brow tap 

The tip: Starting from your brow bone, tap your fore finger and index finger upwards 5 times to your hair line. Repeat this 6 times for maximum benefit.

The result: Improves circulation and helps to reduce ageing frown lines.








Step 2: The five finger brow smooth

The tip: Using the length of your fingers, smooth and press across your forehead towards your temples in a flowing movement, starting from the centre of your brow. Hold at the temple for 6 seconds and repeat this 4 times.

The result: Releases tension in your brow and improves blood flow to help reduce lines and wrinkles.







Step 3: The brow hold and release

The tip: Hold both thumbs on each side of the bridge of your nose, and release. Repeat this step 6 times.

The result: Alleviates tension and headaches as well as helping you to relax.









Step 4: The brow bone pinch

The tip: Starting from your inner eyebrow, gently pinch along the bone towards your outer eye. Repeat this 4 times for maximum benefit.

The result: Improved blood circulation.









Step 5: The lower eye socket tap

The tip: Starting from the lower eye socket, at the bridge of the nose, gently tap your ring finger outwards along the eye bag to your hair line. Remember to always sweep outwards and repeat this tip 6 times.

The result: Stimulates the lymph glands, which help to make the skin look plumper.







Step 6: The nasolabial pinch

The tip: Starting at the corner of your mouth, gently pinch your smile lines 5 times moving upwards. Repeat this movement 5 times.

The result: Increases blood flow to the area, which helps to reduce the severity of wrinkles in the area.








Step 7: The chin and jawline pinch 

The tip: Beginning at the bottom of the chin, gently pinch around your jawline towards the hairline. This should be repeated twice for maximum benefits.

The result: Increases blood flow to the jowl and helps to improve the skins elasticity for a more youthful look








Step 8: The cheek bone squeeze

The tip: Gently pinch your skin 5 times, moving along your cheek bone from your nostril to your hairline. Repeat twice.

The result: Increases blood glow to the cheeks and gives them a healthy glow.








Step 9: The ear massage

The tip: Gently squeeze your ears from the top down towards your earlobes. When you reach the lobes, pull down softly. Repeat this step twice.

The result: Helps to delay the ageing process as ears can drop with age.







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