To commemorate the end of the First World War, which happened on the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, November 11th is known as Remembrance day.


1) Silver Bouton poppy, £99, bouton.co.uk 2) Keyring, £15, QVC. 3) Earrings, £14.99, poppyshop.org.uk.

4) Necklace, £14.99, poppyshop.org.uk. 5) Bracelet, £10, QVC.

Every year around this date, poppies are worn as a way to show respect for those we lost during this historic time.

Over the years, the Poppy has transcended from the classic pin brooch worn on coat lapels into jewellery and fashion accessories.

Above is a round up of a few beautiful pieces that caught our eye this year from QVC, Bouton and Poppy Shop.

Do you prefer the classic pin or enjoy that the tradition is updated each year?

By Rachel Irvine