Dads are great aren’t they? If it wasn’t for dads who’d pass the phone on to mum, change our plugs, tut when we’re in our ‘woah-verdraft’ and kick our car tyres? We love our dads, and here’s why…


Beauty Editor Stephanie Maylor with her dad, Stephen



My dad is great because… he isn’t just the man who brought me up, helped me with my homework and lent me money numerous times (thanks pa, I really needed those shoes!), he’s also one of my best friends. He is the happiest, most cheerful person I’ve ever met and one joke (usually inappropriate) can turn a bad day into a better one. He’s amazingly intelligent, a die-hard hugger and best of all, he’s my dad.



Editorial assistant Rachel Irvine with her dad, Mark



My dad is great because…  he has always been my No.1 fan. Growing up he was my biggest cheerleader, helping me realise and achieve everything I ever wanted. It’s because of his support that I’m in the position that I am today, and I hope he knows it! Oh, and he holds the (unofficial) World Record for eating a jam doughnut, in the fastest time, without licking your lips!

Entertainment Director Emma Robertson with her dad, Michael



My dad is great because… After everything that life has thrown at us my dad is still the only person who laughs at all my jokes, joins in for a good b*tching sesh and will basically let me get away with murder!



Lifestyle Editor Suzanne Carter’s dad, Brian




My dad (aka Pops, Dangerous Bri, Bill and Grandad) is great because… he’s 77 years ‘young’, fun, lively and always there for me. He makes me laugh with his funny little foibles (there are lots) and makes me angry when he won’t turn-up his hearing aid! Apart from that he’s perfect! On Sunday there won’t be any soppy lunches to celebrate – it’s a big breakfast all the way – Happy Father’s Day Dad!


Deputy Entertainment Editor Sarah Morton with her dad, Kenny



My dad is great because… He can sing and play the guitar better than any rock star in the business. And despite also having three sons who share his love of music, football, golf and manly things, I’m still his favourite child. Or so I like to think. Either way, I’m blessed with the best daddy in the world. Thank goodness he showed me the way, or I wouldn’t be half as awesome as I am now.



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