With over 63% of women in the UK wearing the wrong bra size (for shame!), high street giant Debenhams have launched their 2014 Bra Fit Campaign.


If you want to instantly improve your posture and appear slimmer by helping create a waist, follow Debenhams 5 step checklist to ensure the perfect fit:


1) The center of your bra should sit flat against your chest.

2) Wires should sit comfortably around the whole of your breast, not on it!

3) Your bust should be fully contained inside the cup – nothing should be digging into your breast tissue nor should it be too baggy or you wont have full support


4) The band should sit straight along your back feeling both comfortable and firm. Judge this by seeing if there is enough space for 2 fingers to fit underneath the back strap – a back band that sits too high isn’t give you the support you need!

5) Shoulder straps should be comfortable as well as being supportive. Never tighten them so much that they dig into your shoulders.

If you think you’re wearing an ill-fitting bra, pop along to your local Debenhams store, where trained staff are on hand to give you a fitting.

Remember these women are trained professionals and have seem bodies and busts in all shapes and sizes, so never let shyness get in between you and comfortable undies!

By Rachel Irvine