Brix Smith-Smart

Is anyone else guilty of spending a fortune on a gorgeous new dress, only to have it sit in wardrobe for most of the year?

Or how about that super-soft knit that you just had to have, but now rarely wear in case it bobbles. Yes, us too!

It would appear that we’re a nation of jumper hoarders, afraid to really get the most out of our clothes.

According to a recent study by Lenor, 34 per cent of us admitted that we limit the amount of times we wear a favourite item for fear of it showing signs of ageing, like bobbling and loss of softness.

In fact, more than one in ten compare the stress of losing their most-loved pieces to having a row with their partner!

Cue Lenor’s Forever Fashion campaign, committed to helping women banish the bobble and wear their favourite items again and again as if they’re new.

At the helm of the campaign is fashion guru and right-hand woman to Gok Wan, Brix Smith-Start.

‘Women are actually afraid to wash their clothes! They thinking washing will limit their lifespan, so they keep them in the closet away from harm,’ said Brix.

‘By simply changing our washing habits we can prolong the life of our wardrobe which gives us the freedom to look and feel fabulous every single day.’


Here are Brix’s top tips for getting the most out of your clothes: 

1. Choose your scent carefully

Think of it like perfume for you clothes – you want a scent you feel is reflective of you! I love it when I’ve got newly washed sheets and draws bursting with fresh-scented clothes – it’s such a good feeling!

2. Always use fabric softner

You wouldn’t wash your hair and then not put on condition would you? Well not unless you wanted hair like straw! It’s the same for your clothes, you should always give them a moisturising treat after washing. Lenor have a great range that are purposely created to help clothes last.

3. Wash denim inside-out

If you want to prevent your favourite pair of jeans from fading, turn them inside out to ensure the colour stays vibrant.

4. Take care of your knits

My favourite outfit is my most comfy! I love relaxing on the sofa in front of The X Factor in my pjs or a chunky knit. Take care of your comfy clothes by folding or rolling them rather than putting them on hangers – this might stretch them.

5. Enjoy your clothes!

What’s the point of having a great dress or knit if you only wear it a few times. Have the confidence to wear your clothes as often as you desire, just make sure you look after them too!

By Lauren Hughes


Brix Smith-Start is supporting Lenor’s Forever Fashion campaign which is encouraging the UK to re-wear their favourite clothes more often. With its improved formula Lenor helps clothes last longer so you can enjoy wearing them every day. Visit for Brix’s top tips on caring for your favourite clothes as well as her expert advice on how to style these items for every occasion.