A wedding video seems to have become a memento that is just as important to the bride and groom as the official wedding photographs when it comes to documenting their big day.

We see them all over our Facebook news-feeds as happy couples share the highlights of their special day – but we don’t think we’ve ever seen one as emotional as this one!

This groom made everyone (including the people watching the wedding video in our office) cry on his wedding day, and when you watch this video, you’ll see why…

This wedding video, shot by PenWeddings, of Whitney Kay & Brian Scott’s big day doesn’t leave a dry eye in the house. If the sweet notes that they leave each other before the service or the emotional and beautifully written vows don’t bring a tear to your eye, just wait until you hear Brian’s vows to Whitney’s daughter, Brielle (at 4:15 in the video).

PenWeddings said about the couple, “We instantly fell in love not just with the two of them, but also their daughter Brielle (affectionately known as Breezy). Brian came into Whitney and Breezy’s lives a couple of years ago, and his love for both of them is almost tangible.”

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