Decoding dreams can be difficult, especially when you wake up after dreaming you were flying or something else completley implausible. However you dreams can actually unlock your subconscious thoughts and feelings, as well as help us work out how to deal with situations in daily life, and even help us see into the near fututre! Here psychologist and dream expert Ian Wallace tell us what the most common dreams mean, and what we should do if we wake up after having one…

If you dream about…flying – Being able to fly in your dreams suggests that you have released yourself from circumstances that have been weighing you down. Although you may regard this feeling of liberation as just luck or coincidence, it is usually because you have managed to make a weighty decision or risen above the limitations of a heavy responsibility. So when you’re asleep, that weight you’ve had lifted off your shoulders allows you to fly!


If you dream about…falling – Ever woken up with a start feeling like you’ve slipped or fallen? Feeling yourself falling in a dream indicates that you are hanging on too tightly to a particular situation, and really you just need to relax and let go of it. Rather than being so concerned about losing control, sometimes you just have to trust in yourself and others by allowing everything to fall naturally into place.

If you dream about…being pregnant – Dreaming of pregnancy suggests that you have been developing an idea that you may have conceived some time ago and are getting ready to share your labour of love with the world around you. This may feel like a laborious experience so you just need to take it easy and ensure that your plans progress at a natural pace.


If you dream about…you teeth falling out! – Your teeth in dreams symbolise how confident and powerful you feel, so if you dream that they are falling out, or you don’t have any at all, this suggests you feel vulnerable, exposed, or a certain situation is causing your confidence to crumble. Rather than feeling helpless, try calmly thinking through the problem and look over the facts, before making a positive plan to move forward.

If you dream about…being chased – If you dream that you are being chased by someone, or something, then that means there is an issue in your daily life that you want to confront but don’t know how. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing – it could be that you want to puruse a new personal ambition, or tell someone your true feelings. Although this may seem scary, (just like the feeling of running away in your dream!) your dream is a signal that you already have the talents needed to succeed, so you shouldn’t let your fear hold you back and definitley don’t avoid the problem any longer. Good luck and go get ’em!


If you dream about…being unable to find a toilet (yes, really!) – This seemingly strange dream means that there is an issue in your daily life where you are finding it a challenge to clearly express your own needs or tell others how you feel. This can often occur in relationships if you always spend your time looking after the needs of others, and putting people before yourself regularily. Your dream suggests perhaps it’s time for a change, and sometimes it is important to put yourself first.

If you dream about…being trapped (eek!) – Feeling that you are trapped in a dream often indicates that you feel your progress in life is being restricted in some way but this dream is opening you up to the possibility that you actually have more choices than you think. Instead of allowing yourself to be limited by the opinions of others, try exploring alternative ideas for achieving your objectives.

trapped-dreamIf you dream about…being naked in public – Dreaming that you were naked in public suggests that there is something (or someone) in your life that is making you feel vulnerable and exposed. Although it might be potentially embarrassing, sometimes you just have to open up to others so they can support you and help you out, or it’s time to get rid of that something (or someone) who is making you feel low.

If you dream about…discovering a strange, unused, or empty room – The rooms in a house represent different aspects of your character, so finding an unused room suggests that you’re discovering a talent that you were previously unaware of. The more time that you spend exploring your undiscovered talents, the more likely that you will find other doors opening for you in life. Perhaps you’re a natural in the kitchen but you don’t usually cook? Or maybe it’s time to take to the dance floor and see if you’ve got a natural sense of rhythm?!


If you dream about…being unprepared for an exam, test, or important meeting – This dream indicates that you are examining your own performance in daily life and being quite critical of yourself. Rather than immersing yourself in endless self-examination, the real test of your character is being able to accept your talents by celebrating your knowledge and achievements, instead of constantly judging them.



Ian Wallace is also the author of many books on the subject, including The Top 100 Dreams: The Dreams That We All Have And What they Really Mean and The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams: Be Your Own Dream Expert