A loving couple takes a selfie to capture a moment in time. So far, so normal. But a closer look at this wholesome snap reveals something altogether more sinister.


Originally posted on website 9gag, this creepy selfie below looks pretty ordinary at first glance. But just moments after being loaded onto the site, it attracted a flurry of comments from Twitter users – all of whom were freaked out by what was happening in the background. Can you see it?






In fact some 9gag readers were so scared by this camera conundrum that they felt the need to call in for reinforcements.




At this point I bet you’re really intrigued, so take a look at the close up below to see if you can spot just what it was that sent the Twitter world alight.

If you’re still flummoxed, here’s a clue. If the woman’s back is facing the mirror, what do you expect to see in the photograph? The obvious answer is the back of her head – but the photograph tells another story.




How is this possible? Here’s a technical answer from one camera-savvy 9gag reader:

‘This picture is a result of a camera with a rolling shutter. The sensor is exposed to light with the help of 2 little panels that fall up (possibly down left or right, but usually down).

‘If the girl was to turn her head at the right time the camera would capture her looking backwards and forwards. The rolling shutting is present in most DLSRs. Unlike an phone camera which can have a global shutter or electronic moving shutter. The wider the gap between the 2 falling panels determine how much time the sensor is exposed.’

This creepy selfie still gave us the shivers!