Take a look at the picture below, can you tell the colour of the hearts?

The two hearts in the below image appear to be totally different colours – right? One is a purple colour and the other orange. Is that what you’re seeing? colour of the hearts 1












Well if we enlarge the picture you actually see something quite different – take a look!

The two hearts are in fact exactly the same colour – pink! That’s right they are NOT different colours it’s the stripes that are making them appear different!

colour of the hearts 2









Still not convinced? Watch it being explained here:

Apparently the addition of the stripes totally fool our brains into seeing something that’s not there. Like a whole new colour!

colour of the hearts 3













The illusion by Bite Size Psych explains on their video, ‘If you zoom in on the picture you find that the striped bars aren’t actually the same colour. These surrounding blue bars make the heart seem purple while these surrounding green bars make the heart seem orange. This gives us a vital clue to how our vision works. It suggests that we perceive an object’s colour based on its proximity and contrast with surrounding shades.’


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