Can YOU spot the hazards in this video in just 5 seconds?

The below video aims to alert parents to the various child safety hazards around the house by getting them to take a quick danger spotting test.

Viewers have just 5 seconds to spot 11 potentially hazardous situations when a child has been left alone in the living room. The makers of the video estimated that it would take just 5 seconds for the child to crawl to any of the potential dangers.

Some dangers, such as an uncovered electricity outlet or open fireplace are more obvious, but there are some sneaky potential hazards in there too.

The video has been viewed almost 1.5 million times with parents agreeing that when it comes to child safety, no chances should be taken.

One said: “Good message, Its good they mention it.”

Others were more cynical, with one commenting: “How to be a paranoid lunatic: the video.”

Could you spot all the hazards in this picture, or were there a few that had you stumped? Let us know how you got on on our Facebook page.

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