WOW! Bullied Jeremy Kyle guest Gemma has dramatic teeth makeover!

When Jeremy Kyle guest Gemma appeared on the show in 2015, twitter went into a complete meltdown with online trolls branding her ‘tooth woman’ and viciously mocking her appearance.

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Gemma first appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show in a segment called ‘Stop harassing me just because I’m sleeping with your ex’ but it turns out the world was most interested in her toothy appearance than her cheating story.

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Gemma now claims it lead to her having a breakdown and said, “The abuse was terrible. I just wanted to cry. I actually had a breakdown.”

But in true reality TV style The Jeremy Kyle Show have now forked out £10,000 to help Gemma get a brand new set of sparkling (not protruding) teeth! Given it was the show that lead to her breakdown and online abuse we are not surprised they decided to help. And doesn’t she look better? Was she right to change her look because of online bullies? Let us know on our Facebook page here.

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Gemma will appear with her new appearance on the show this week and we are sure she will be met with an entirely difference response this time around.