Nothing beats the feeling of holding a newborn baby in your arms. And for Britain’s biggest family, this is a moment that they have experienced time and time again, with their burgeoning brood about to hit double-digits once more.

Yep the Radford family have announced that they are going to be welcoming another bundle of joy into their family – bringing the total number of children to 20! And they recently announced the gender of their baby, with this adorable gender reveal video!

Last month parents Sue and Noel Radford revealed the happy news via the family’s Facebook page with a scan.

The couple from Heysham in Lancashire – who do not claim benefits – run a bakery to ensure their family is provided for. They spend a whopping £300 on their weekly food shop and do 12 washing loads a day!

Fans of the family – who have more than 250,000 likes on their dedicated Facebook page – were quick to offer their congratulations:

Levi-Jade Reynolds said: ‘This is the one family I actually kinda admire. 20 kids, and instead of benefits, they make their own money. Good on you! X’

britain's biggest family

While Kerry Marshall added: ‘That’s made me really happy!! 😊 I recently lost my baby at 14 weeks and I’ve been struggling to find my smile….so thank you and god bless you and your beautiful family xxx’

Candice Verallo also praised their parenting abilities saying: ‘oh my 😂😂 i had a baby around the same time as your last one (july) and couldnt imagine being pregnant already. i have four and often think how crazy i am for having so many!! 😂😂😂😂 u are a natural!! i find four stressful enough….u make it look so easy 😍😍 congrats xx’

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Others, however, questioned their decision to keeping adding to their family:

Michelle Walhout Tanneau said: ‘Looks like typical hoarding behaviour to me. Besides the scandalous environmental impact, I don’t understand how so many people can find this admirable when these people clearly have mental issues. How this is legal is beyond me.’

Charmaine Paulizky added: ‘I’m not being nasty but I think it’s getting ridiculous. I no she enjoys the love of babies. But there are couples out there struggling to even conceive their first. I personally think she should become a surrogate and make other mums to be happy with a life she can successfully give them.’

Britain’s biggest family – where it all started

Sue became pregnant with her first child at just 14 years old. Their oldest child is son Chris, 27, and their youngest, Phoebe, born in July 2016.

Although this is a time of joy for this unique family, the couple will always experience heartache over the loss of their son, Alfie, in July 2014, 23 weeks into the pregnancy. To honour his memory Alfie is still considered one of the couple’s 19 children and their toddler Hallie has the middle name ‘Alphia’ as a tribute to her brother.

We’re giving the Radfords a big congrats from us!

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