womans_own_diets_karencedit34 year old Karen C from Surrey, has signed up to Woman’s Own Diets and is  absolutely loving the club.

Here’s what Karen has to say about Woman’s Own Diet’s so far:

‘I really like the forums as there are some great people offering real advice, great recipes and encouragement.
‘Adding meals is easy and practically everything you can think of is on there. You can also add you own recipes and the nutritional information gets worked out for you.
‘Exercise is also encouraged,which is not always the case with other diets. It includes all sorts of exercise from daily routine chores to going to gym – which means there is something for everyone. I like this as many women often under estimate the work they do in the home!’

So far Karen has already lost HALF A STONE in just a few weeks.  Congratulations on your weight loss Karen and keep up the good work!

Our Diet Club has an online food diary and calorie counting service that promotes healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle rather than banning foods! Are you ready to get started on your weight loss journey? Sign up to a 7 day free trial of Woman’s Own Diets today!