A toned waistline and trim tummy is something we all aspire to have, but according to statistics, most of us have a waist that measures at least two inches more than experts advise. This excess tummy fat can increase your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In fact, research also suggest a larger waist can also raise the risk of breast cancer. So if you want to streamline your stomach, beat the bloat and boost your weight loss, this healthy meal plan combined with exercise is for you!

Eat your way to your new waist! This high fibre diet is packed with wholegrain foods to burn fat and boost digestion. Steer clear of white bread, pasta and rice and sugary snacks and say hello to your slimmest waist yet!


– 40g porridge with skimmed milk – use fruit to sweeten
– 40g muesli and blueberries with 75g low-fat natural yoghurt
– 2 scrambled eggs and 1 slice granary toast
– Fruit salad and a small pot probiotic yoghurt
– 2-egg omelette


– 175g chicken breast with lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes
– Medium pack (200g) of sushi made with brown rice
– 300g vegetable soup (avoid cream of soups)
– Small jacket potato, 80g tuna and side salad
– Nicoise salad: 80g tuna, green beans, 3-4 boiled new potatoes, and green leaves


– 80g baked sweet potato with 80g grilled chicken and salad
– 75g (dry weight) wholewheat pasta with tomato and onion sauce
– 140g salmon fillet, grilled or baked, with green vegetables
– 80g turkey and peppers stir-fried with wholewheat noodles
– 80g grilled lean steak served with green salad and tomatoes


– 2 oatcakes with 2tsp low-fat cream cheese
– small pot low-fat yoghurt
– handful of almonds
– handful of berries
– handful of chopped celery, peppers and cucumber

This meal plan appeared in Woman’s Own Magazine, 3 September 2012