I never used to have a ‘thing’ about my smile.

I was offered braces as a somewhat silly 15-year old to correct my sticky-outy (technical term) front tooth but my teenage vanity overruled my need for FREE orthodontics. Silly, silly Stephanie. It wasn’t until the end of university that I took the brave (hello, I was 21!) step of getting a brace but as a poor intern I was forced to opt for  old-school metal train tracks. In fact, I could only afford to correct the top set so my bottom teeth are still all skew-whiff – don’t look too closely!

My teeth might be straighter now but the yearning for a celeb-worthy smile took over again a few months ago when my teeth were starting to look stained. So I trundled on down to The London Smile Clinic to try out the Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment, £795.

At-home kit

At-home kit

It’s pretty pricey but this salon treatment claims to whiten teeth by up to 8 shades, and crucially it helps to protect the enamel. You’ll have a gel applied to your teeth then put under an LED light, with a follow-up home kit to upgrade your grin.

Before and after Zoom Whitening

Before and after Zoom Whitening

The treatment itself isn’t the most comfortable. Your mouth is held ajar and your lips pulled over a gum guard-type device while the solution is applied to your teeth. I underwent five 15-minute sessions under the LED light, which was made all the more bearable by the film I was watching through my protective goggles. Yes, really. This is cosmetic dentristry at its most glamorous – and that can be a hard task when your lips are cracking and your mouth is gaping. But a uniform-clad Jake Gyllenhaal soon distracted me.

I am thrilled with the results. I’ve lightened up by a few shades, which was definitely accelerated by continuing with the at-home kit (I just wore the moulds for half an hour every day for a week). It’s worth mentioning that while you’re using the treatment, you must steer clear of coloured foods, which meant replacing my green tea, red wine, tomato soup, pasta bake and Coca Cola intake – which is basically my staple diet – with a. lot. of. beige. But this is a small ask when it comes to have a smile that you can finally be proud of.

Zoom Whitening is available at The London Smile Clinic.


By Stephanie Maylor



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