Today's offer: 3 for 2 on Italian cuisine

If you’ve got that Friday feeling, let Marks & Spencer serve up an easy hearty and delicious meal for you this evening – plus you get to save money at the same time!

Choose from a variety of Italian pastas, all made from authentic recipes from the Italian Alps, using select ingredients for the perfect amount of rough texture that grabs hold of every drop of sauce!

Serve up with flavoured sauces from Southern Italy – Tomato and Porcini sauce is made with button mushrooms, onion, garlic and extra virgin olive oil – perfect for those of you who love rich, earthy flavours.

For a sweeter option, Cherry Tomato and Balsamic Sauce is also handmade, using fresh tomatoes and dark, syrupy vinegar.

With prices starting from £1.29, theres a bargain in itself before the offer even begins!

Pop along to your nearest M&S store and see which fast Italian you’d like for our weekend treat.